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Mahli Designs – Our Story

“I can do that.”

Mai Sundarapura’s hunch, in this case, referred to designing and sewing unique dresses for her daughter’s first figure skating competitions.

In practice sessions and lessons, her daughter was as focused as an eight year old could be. She plowed through the “moves,” spins and jumps, experiencing her fair share of falls and bruises – not to mention the wet and cold. Mai figured it was time to kill two birds with one stone: Inject some practical and functional design into her daughter’s practice outfits while making them look good.

Over time and after producing several handmade custom designs, the next “that” has led Mai to undertake the design and manufacture of high-quality, high-performance, great looking apparel for figure skating practice and testing. As a professional architect and photographer, Mai’s aesthetic eye had for years been focused on simple, elegant and functional designs for buildings, and on seeing the beauty in her human subjects.

Mahli Designs’ formfitting figure skating practice apparel and accessories are designed with comfort and warmth in mind. Our unique creations employ combinations of four-way stretch fabrics, meshes and laces with hip pad pockets and tail bone sleeves positioned for optimal performance and minimal appearance. The combination of black solids, transparent laces and meshes, as well as well-positioned and proportioned, brightly colored accents are equally subtle and eye-catching.

Discover how the elegance, comfort and high function of Mahli Designs can truly enhance the figure skating experience.